william garabrant

Workplace fitness and mindfulness trainer

I’m the founder and owner of Motion in Mind. I’ve been working as a Qigong teacher and corporate English trainer for many years. In recent years, with the stark rise of online- and teleworking, I’ve become increasingly aware of how much my Business English clients would also benefit from my other field of interest. 

My solution:

I offer short, live, online fitness sessions for office staff via the conferencing software of your choice, right at the workplace, be it in the office, on the road or at home. Participants can take part directly from their desks.

The goal of this program is to promote long-term, sustainable, mental balance as well as physical health. Gentle movements and breathing techniques combined with focused mindfulness relieve mental tension help prevent modern deskwork-related chronic injuries.

I’ve put together a bullet point summary of the benefits of my program, which you can view on the “Mind FAQ” page.

Eventually, we reach the point where we start to realize that we are not going to find peace, contentment, happiness, strength, fearlessness - all of the things that in our heart of hearts we wish we had - outside of us.

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