The many benefits of the Motion in Mind program for staff and employers 

 The core benefit to employers. The Motion in Mind program combines convenient scheduling with highly effective techniques to reduce stress and thereby mitigate the risk of burnout, plus carefully developed physical exercises that address the most common physical ailments reported by office staff.

Modest investment in the well-being of your staff can pay off in many ways. Your participation in the Motion in Mind program sends a clear and meaningful message that you are an employer who supports your employees in ways that make a real difference. This honest display of loyalty becomes reciprocal.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the Motion in Mind program is the live aspect of the sessions. Contrary to recorded material, there’s a special atmosphere, dynamic and spontaneous, in the sessions which keeps interest levels high, leading to more regular participation. 

This is the core of the Motion in Mind program, and the explanation of the program’s title. Mental focus is kept with the physical body and follows the gentle movements. In this way, we calm the mind while exercising the body. 

The Motion in Mind program is intended specifically for the times when just getting through the day feels like a tremendous achievement. It can feel like a paradox getting past that initial reluctance to separate yourself from your tremendous workload for 10 or 15 minutes. But the reality is, when you finish the session, you’ll return to that work with fresh energy and a clear mind. The mountain will appear smaller and more manageable.

We’ve reached an era in which firms find themselves competing not only for senior  management but also regular company staff. It’s a seller’s market in which smart companies take active measures to make themselves appealing to prospective employees. Inclusion of the Motion in Mind program in your list of unique benefits isn’t simply a marketing tactic; it sends a clear message that this is a company who looks out for the well-being of their staff.

Before the Motion in Mind program launches at your company, we’ll have an extensive meeting to hash out the logistical details, especially the scheduling. There are no pre-packaged plans to sign up to; each client is treated as a unique entity with their own specific needs. 

The Motion in Mind  exercises are specially crafted for their simplicity and effectiveness. Participants are given a tremendous and ever-expanding treasure trove of methods they can practice at any time. Be it a quick breathing exercise to release mental strain or a rolling wrist movement to strengthen the arms and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, participants are continuously encouraged to apply the methods whenever they feel the need, instead of simply waiting for “the next session with William“.

The techniques in the Motion in Mind program are adaptable for persons of all ages and physical condition. All exercises can be performed either seated or standing (note: standing is encouraged where possible). 

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